Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Macaw Mountain Bird Park

Before heading home from Honduras we made a stop by the Macaw Mountain Bird Park.  It is just outside of Copan.  They advertise a six minute ride there, but it takes a little longer when you are seven months pregnant..  The roads are not very smooth.  We were impressed right away with the cleanliness and beauty of the park.  It is well maintained.   A guide is included in the price of admission but we opted to tour the park by ourselves.  We took a map and headed on our way.
our family

There is a pretty little creek that runs all through the park.  There are also a few small waterfalls.  We enjoyed listening to the sound of the rolling water and the birds chirping as we walked along the cobblestone trails.  We arrived when they opened and were the only ones there for a while.  It was very quiet and peaceful.

Cruz and I enjoying the water

There are cages spread throughout the park filled with many different types of birds.  Our favorite part of the visit was an area where the birds are free so you can hold and pet them. 

I held this bird for a while.  It was not until he decided to crawl up my arm, across my back, and rest on my shoulder that I got a little nervous.  Cruz would pet the birds but he did not want to hold one.

We could not pass up a stop by the coffee shop (and the gift shop) before leaving.  Cruz and I enjoyed frozen drinks while David enjoyed a hot cup of coffee.  It was a refreshing way to end our visit.  We had a great time there and hope to return someday to tour it again. 

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