Thursday, February 2, 2012

February 2012 Newsletter

Greetings from Camotan, Guatemala!  The biggest news we had last month was our move to the Chorti area.  We have been here almost two weeks now and are getting settled in nicely.  We really like where we are living and it is starting to feel more and more like home.  We have met many of our neighbors, but are eager to get out and about into the community and surrounding areas to meet more of the locals.  We hope to do some of that this month.  Pray for a continued good adjustment to this work and area.
Also in January we attended a weekend Prayer Retreat with our fellow IMB missionaries in Guatemala City.  It was a refreshing weekend for all who attended.  We also attended the annual meeting of the Kekchi Baptist in the Peten.
Please keep my pregnancy in your prayers.  I am now 28 weeks.  Pray that I would not have any complications in this last trimester and that I would be able to carry him to full term.  Pray that I could get the rest that I need while also taking care of a very busy 20 month old, setting up a house, and starting a new ministry. 
Most of February will be spent continuing to get settled in as well as learning more about this area and people.  There is a lot to learn and we are excited to get started.  Will you pray that the Lord would guide our every step and lead us to the people and areas that need to hear the gospel?  We would appreciate it very much! 

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