Thursday, January 5, 2012

Put Your Shoes On Mama

I had typed this up several days ago but forgot to post it.  I wanted to share a conversation I had with Cruz recently.  The other day I was sitting down (barefooted) and Cruz came up to me wanting to go outside and play.  He kept saying "pato, pato, pato".  I had no idea what he was trying to say and tried my best to explain that to him.  He just kept saying it.  The word for duck in Spanish is pato but he does not use that word.  He usually says "quack, quack" for ducks.  After more explaining to him that I was sorry but I did not understand him, he backed away, picked up my shoe, showed it to me, and said "shoe".  He wanted to go outside and he knew that I needed to put my shoes on first.  The word for shoe in Spanish is zapato.  I was only hearing him say "pato".  So he said the word in Spanish, in English, and showed me the object!  My little boy is learning and it makes his mama proud.


  1. I love this!! He is so blessed to be growing up bilingual!


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