Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Few Of Our Sayaxche Friends

While saying our goodbyes over the weekend I tried to get photos of Cruz with some of the people who he loves and who love him.  We missed a few people but here are some we did get.
Normis and Mayra work at the coffee shop/ hardware store that we visited often.  Not only are we going to miss them, but we are going to miss their hotdogs, cheeseburgers, and nachos too.  The Oasis in Sayaxche was one of our favorite places to visit.

Cruz with Cecilia, Anna Victoria, and Hans. 
This family lived on our property and we spent a lot of time with them. 

Yoselin, Eva (the mama), Cruz, Candi, Yuli, and Glenda
Some of the people we will miss the most is this family.  They lived across the street and treated us all like family.  They ADORED Cruz and spoiled him rotten.  They helped us out greatly with Cruz often coming to get him and playing with him.  It gave us short breaks that some days made all the difference.  Oh how we have missed them these last couple of days, haha.

Cruz with Glenda
You cannot tell it from this photo but he was crazy about Glenda.  She was his favorite of all the girls.

I think one of his favorite people in all of Sayaxche was Julio.  Cruz was nuts over him!  Julio took up a lot of time with Cruz and was so gentle with him.  He let him play in his truck, sit on his motorcycle, and just do boy things.  He was also very good at teaching Cruz Spanish vocabulary.  He will be missed by us all.

Cruz with Susi, Enoc, and Ingrith (the little girl was someone visiting in their family- I forgot her name).  They are a few of the neighbor kids we met shortly after arriving there.

They all played with Cruz some while the workers loaded our things.

Cruz with Rosendo- our landlord
They adored each other as well.

We are thankful for each of these and many more whom I failed to get photos of who took up time with Cruz and loved on him.  Cruz was definitely the bridge that allowed us to form all of these relationships and we are thankful for each one.  When we think about our time in Sayaxche it will be memories of folks like these that will bring smiles to our faces.

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