Thursday, October 6, 2011

Getting Cruz's Stitches Out

On Monday morning we took Cruz to have his stitches taken out.  It went about as well as we expected.  He DID NOT enjoy it at all.  I am glad to have it past us and now I just hope I can keep him from needing more in the near future.
He looks real excited, huh.  haha 

Because we kept a bandage on it I never took time to take a photo of them.  This one is blurry but shows his stitches.  We think he had nine total.

This is how they did it- a nurse took them out, she had a backup nurse to help hold him, and David held him as well.  I stood back and tried not to cry myself, haha.
My poor baby cried the whole time.  He was very relieved when it was over and as soon as I held him he quit crying.  That was not the way we had planned to spend our first morning home, but it makes for a good memory.

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