Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September 2011 Newsletter

Greetings from Guatemala!  We just finished up a busy month and have a few weeks to relax before we get very busy again.  During August we made two trips to the Chorti area.  We met with the leaders in the village of Lagunetas and received permission to return and have a meet and greet time with all who live there.  There were well over one hundred people who attended.  We shared who we were and that we would like to start teaching Bible stories in their village.  We showed the movie "The Hope" and plan to return there soon.  We hosted one of our former youth ministry students for a few weeks and enjoyed showing him around both the Kekchi and Chorti areas.  We attended the monthly pastors meeting and also a 15th birthday party for one of the neighbor kids.  A young girls fifteenth birthday is a major milestone and is celebrated big here.  We took a family getaway and celebrated David's birthday as well.
This month we will be attending a retreat in Coban for all of the Kekchi national missionaries.  We will also be joining a volunteer team that our former supervisor, Jim McGriff, will be leading.  Also this month we will be attending a conference to learn more about doing oral Bible storying.  Please pray for all of our travels over the next few weeks.
We appreciate your continued interest in our work here and most of all your prayer support.  We cannot say enough how much we value your prayers!  

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  1. Wow, you all really are busy!!! I just love your photos and that blue dress is very striking...I have not seen that kind of celebration here for a 15 year old. I am gonna have to ask about it!


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