Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 2011 Newsletter

Greetings from Guatemala! We had a good variety of activities going on during July. We spent a week hosting a volunteer team. During that time we visited several K'ekchi' villages. We spent a week helping with some leadership training that our former supervisor was doing. We spent a week trying to get over a virus that we all three had. We had a picnic with some local missionary friends that live in our area. We visited Mayan ruins. We held a recording session and recorded twelve new stories to be aired on the K'ekchi' radio stations. It was a fun, busy month.

We had plans to return to the Ch'orti' area during July but had to cancel them due to us all being sick. We plan to make another visit there this month. Please pray for our travel and that we could make some good contacts while there. We would love to be invited into a home to begin oral Bible storying.

We will also be hosting one of our former youth this month. He will be coming down to work along side of us for a few weeks. We are excited about his visit, and plan to keep him pretty busy.

Cruz turned fourteen months old in July. Where has the time gone? He is a very busy little boy. He is walking all over the place and getting in to everything. He is such an asset to our ministry, and allows us to start conversations with people we might not otherwise have the chance to talk with. We are so thankful God placed him in our lives.

We appreciate your praying for us, and thank you for your interest in our work here. Until next time...

Sending our love,
David, Regina, and Cruz

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