Monday, July 25, 2011

The Weekend

After finishing a pastor's training conference in Las Casas the group (Jim McGriff, David McGowin, Fran Eachus, Wendall and Jane Parker) all headed our way to spend the weekend in Sayaxche'.  They had a great conference there with twenty-one pastor's attending.  Thanks for praying for it! 

They arrived here late afternoon and checked in to their hotel.  We joined them for fellowship that evening. 

On Saturday morning we all boarded a taxi boat for a day trip to visit the Aguateca ruins.  I will post photos of that tomorrow or Wednesday.  We returned in the afternoon, rested, and then they came over for dinner.  I had the restaurant next door (the Yaxkin) fix tamales for everyone.  We love their tamales!  I made a lemon icebox pie to go with it.  We had a great meal and some great fellowship together.  Dr. McGowin started feeling ill and could not join us for the meal. 

On Sunday we had all planned to attend worship together but Dr. McGowin had been sick all during the night.  He was not able to travel.  Miss Fran had also been a little ill.  Jim decided to stay back to take care of the two of them and the rest of us went to church.  We traveled to the village of Formacion.  It is on the other side of La Libertad.  We visited this church with our previous mission team.  We had a wonderful service there.  We were each called on to have a part in the service.  We sang, gave greetings, prayed, and Mr. Wendall preached the sermon.  They prepared us a lunch meal of scrambled eggs, black beans, tortillas, tamalitos, and orange soda.  We returned to Sayaxche' and they rested while we chased after Cruz all afternoon.  He had slept all the way home from church, haha.  They ate dinner at the Yaxkin and we visited with them while they ate.  Our power went out right after the meal and stayed off until around 11:00 p.m.  We had a pretty warm evening around here.

Today we will be hosting the leadership training conference here in Sayaxche'.  The sessions will be today and tomorrow.  Please pray for Dr. McGowin and Miss Fran to feel well.  Pray that they will have plenty of energy to sit in the heat and teach and translate.  Pray for the pastors that are traveling into town to attend the sessions.  I will post an update about this conference later in the week.

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