Monday, July 18, 2011

A Weak Week

Today is day seven of what seems to be the virus that never ends.  It started last Tuesday with Cruz and has passed to each of us.  Just when we think we are better, symptoms return.  The nausea, fatigue, and loss of appetite have been a constant.  We "think" today we might be about to get over it.  It has definitely been a long week at our house! 

David had an overnight trip planned for Saturday and Sunday with a K'ekchi' national missionary to visit an unreached village, but had to cancel at the last minute because he was sick.  We also planned to do a return visit to the Ch'orti' today for a few days this week but had to cancel that as well. 

If we do well through the night we plan to travel to Coban tomorrow to attend a leadership training meeting that will be taking place there Tuesday and Wednesday with some K'ekchi' pastors.  Well, David will be attending the meetings.  Cruz and I will give our greetings and then go hang out at the hotel. haha  It will just be nice to get out of the house for a few days.  Cabin fever has definitely set in. 

There has not been much else to post lately because we have just been hanging out at the house trying to recover.  I did snap this photo of Cruz last night as he was playing.  He loves playing with phones lately.  He will put one up to his ear and just babble, babble, babble.    Here he is driving his car while talking on the phone.  He was in full speed when I took this photo.  Even though we have all been sick, he has not let us have many dull moments around here.  He is such a little entertainer!

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