Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Little Fun in Flores

All work and no play would not make a happy volunteer team.  So after three days of traveling up and down bumpy roads, visiting many K'ekchi' villages, and having to hear a language they did not understand we loaded up the team and headed back to Flores to finish out their trip.  Below is a  photo of us eating dinner at Pollo Campero.

On Monday morning we took them to the Tikal ruins.  We have been there several times so we opted to just hang out in the welcome area while the team did the tour.  Below is the team before heading out to explore- Donald, Bro. Dennis, Bro. Al, Beth, Wendy, and Kim.

Kim, Donald, and Wendy on top of one of the ruins. 

We ate lunch inside of the park and then headed out to do the jungle zipline tour.  David and I have done this several times as well, but I could not pass up the chance to do it again. It is a lot of fun!  Here we are getting our gear on.

One of the guides took this photo of our group as he was ziplining hanging upside down.  He did pretty good.

Two of us (Donald and I) decided to try it "Superman style".  It was a little scary but a lot of fun.  I have a video of it, but could not get it to load.

Here is an after shot of the group.

We returned to Flores for the night and enjoyed a nice lakeside dinner together.  We also visited the local Sarita's for an ice cream dessert.  It was a great way to end the week.

The sunset view from our table.

We dropped them off on Tuesday morning to fly back to the States and then returned to our hotel to pack up.  By the end of the day it was as if we just fell apart.  Cruz was throwing up, David ran fever, and I got a horrible sinus infection.  We have just been taking it easy and trying to rest since then.  Please pray that we will all be back to ourselves soon.


  1. Wow what great photos! The zip lining is something I would love to try!

  2. Found your blog through Kelly's Korner.

    I have gone on two short term missions to Zacapa, Guatemala and seeing the Pollo Campero brought back so many memories! I've had much chicken from there!


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