Wednesday, July 13, 2011

FBC McKenzie, TN Volunteer Team

We have been on the go the last couple days hosting a volunteer team from First Baptist Church, McKenzie, Tennessee.  Leading this team were Al and Beth Bailey.  They are former missionaries to the K'ekchi'.  It made our week a lot easier having them here to lead the team.  They know the culture, the people, and most importantly the language.  They did a wonderful job of speaking and translating for the team.  They almost made it too easy for us.  They all blessed our hearts and we enjoyed getting to spend a few days with all of them. 

We traveled to several K'ekchi' villages to pray on-site for the people there.  Some areas had evangelical work and others had none.  We prayed for a congregation that recently lost their pastor.  We prayed for a congregation that recently got a pastor after a long time without one.  We prayed for a women's group that recently lost their leader.  We prayed for a lot of lost people in a lot of areas where there is no gospel witness.   We encouraged a lot of pastors and believers as well.  In all we visited ten areas in three days.  It was a great week.

Here are just a few of the many photos that were taken.  I will try to post an album to our facebook page of the others soon.
Praying at the study center in Sayaxche'.  This is where the pastors and WMU ladies meet each month.

Praying in the village of Tamaris. Several team members split up and prayer walked around the village also.

Praying at the mission church in La Libertad.

A group photo minus Cruz and I

A pastor and his family that we were able to pray for and encourage.

I got to hold this tiny little three week old baby boy.  My "baby" boy did not like it very much, haha.

One of the K'ekchi' churches that we visited in the village of Formacion.

We were fed a few caldo meals.

We had a Sunday morning worship service at Caseria el Pato.  This is David giving his greetings. 

Bro. Dennis (the pastor at FBC) preached the sermon and Bro. Al translated for him in K'ekchi'.

Bro. Javier and a few locals

I will post a few more photos tomorrow including our trip to Tikal and the zipline.

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