Tuesday, July 26, 2011

14 Month Update

Our little boy turns 14 months old today! 
He keeps us extremely busy,  always on our toes, and most always tired.  He is full of life, and fills our lives with lots of joy.  We cannot put into words just how much we love and adore this little fellow.  He is a precious gift from God!
*   He is around 23 pounds
*   He is wearing size 12 and 18 month clothes.  He wears size 4 diapers and size 4 shoes.
*   With each month he is transitioning more and more from baby to little boy.  This month we have seen the
      most change.  He weaned himself from nursing.  He was down to one feeding a day and gave that feeding
      up the first of the month.  He now drinks 100 % from a sippie cup.  That has been the hardest thing to let
      go of yet for me.  I have been terribly sad for that stage to end.  He has adjusted very well.
*    He is eating mostly table food although I still make him vegetable purees and steamed fruits.  He likes
      PBJ's and his favorite thing of all is Gerber yogurt melts.  He drinks whole milk, water, and juice only.  He
      eats well and still likes most anything we offer him to eat.  That is a blessing.
*    He has started sleeping through the night again.  PTL!  He has also started going to bed on his own.   I
      still rock him but just until he gets relaxed and then we lay him down and he will usually roll over and go
      right to sleep.  It was a much easier transition than either of us expected.  I still rock him to sleep at   
      naptime.  He takes two naps a day- around 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.  He goes to bed around 7:30 p.m.
      and will sleep until around 6:00 a.m.
*   He loves to play with brooms and mops.  He likes the handles and will carry them around the house.
*   He loves books!  He brings books to us all day long to read to him.  He most always has one in his hand,
     close by, or in the back of his little tykes car.  He also loves to go in his room and rake all of the books
     off of the shelf into the floor.
*   He can say mama, dada, ball, hot, dat (that), nack (snack), chucho (dog).
*   He can point to his nose and toes.
*   He is beginning to follow commands well.  He can "bring it to mama", "take it to daddy", "go get your toy/
     book/ etc."
*   He knows the sign language for "more" and will use it while eating.
*   He loves to play with his toy phones.  He will put it up to his ear and babble away.  He puts his phone
     in the back of his car while playing.
*   He can mimic our sounds and actions.  He is so funny mocking us.  Recently I got down on the floor to
     look up under the cabinet and the next thing I know he was doing the same thing.  It is scary the things
     he is already picking up from us- simple things but it just makes you pray harder to set a good example
     before him.
*   He will stick out his tongue when he is really concentrating on something. 
*   He is SUCH a climber.  We have to keep a constant eye on him.  He climbs on everything!  He will
     push the chair back and climb up into it to reach his snacks. 
*   He is obsessed with playing in garbage cans- at home or in public places.
*   He is starting to be a little more shy around strangers although he is still as friendly as he can be with
     everyone.  He wants his mama to be close-by.
*   He likes watching videos.  He has three Sesame Street DVD's and loves them.  They are definitely his
     favorite.  He loves the music on them and will dance and shake his body when he hears it.
*   Each night before bedtime David brushes his teeth.  He sits real still and lets him do it.
*   He has started doing some motions to a few of the songs we sing.  His favorite is Itsy Bitsy Spider.
*   He always wiggles his toes when we take his socks and shoes off. 
*   He cut tooth #9 this month.
*   He loves bicycles and motocycles and will touch every part on them if given the chance. 
We love seeing him learn, explore, and doing new things  He is such fun to watch and he keeps us well entertained.  We cannot imagine how much he will change in the next month, but we are happy that we get to be there every minute of every day to watch him.  We just cannot thank God enough for giving him to us.
Happy 14 month birthday, Cruz.
You are loved!

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