Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Guy Likes to Party All The Time

Last week while in Guatemala City Cruz had his fourth first birthday party.  Yes you read that right, fourth!  He had two early parties in the States back in March- one with my family and one with David's family.  He also had  a party with our neighbors and friends in Sayaxche'. I had warned David a while back that I planned to go all out for his birthday and I think I have done just that.  We have waited a long time to celebrate such an occasion and we just wanted it to be big and special.   

The party in Guatemala City was a combined party with our little friends Rebecca, Josue', and Kaitlin.  They all have birthday's within a few weeks of Cruz.  Josue' was seven months old when we arrived in Guatemala.  We have been at every birthday party he has had since.  We have always tried to be in the City to attend their parties.  Their mom has even planned it around our trips in.  This was the first year we were not able to be present.  I knew there would be no way we could make it so I planned ahead to do a party with them all four together when we were there last week.  I think it turned out nice!
The birthday kids-
Josue' turned five on May 7.  Kaitlin turned two on May 23.  Rebecca turned nine on June 5.  Cruz turned one on May 26. 

I had brought the leftover decorations from one of Cruz's parties in the States to use for this party. 

I made these monkey cupcakes for everyone to enjoy

We liked Cruz's clown pinata so much that we asked the lady to make a monkey one for this party.  We were a little disappointed when we went back to pick it up and noticed that it looked more like a cow than a monkey.  The kids did not seem to mind at all.

Cruz was a little afraid of this one at first too.  He warmed up to it pretty good by the time the party arrived.

Greeting each other before the party

We did the pinata first and then ate cupcakes.

Gary helped Cruz get a few licks in

Josue', Rebecca, and Cruz

I am not sure what they were all looking at but I love how they were all turned together.

Singing "Happy Birthday"

These kids have always been special to us and we love them.  We used to spend hours playing with them when we were at the mission house.  Now they are spending time playing with our child.  It is so fun to see them all playing together!  I think we will make combining their birthday's an annual event.

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