Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Little From Our Week

We have spent a lot of time out and about this week.  Poor Cruz, I feel like he's just been strapped to something the whole week- his car seat, his stroller, or a high chair.  He's been a trooper though and has done surprisingly well.  I haven't taken many photos but here are a few-
His new thing this week has been sticking out his tongue.  We are not sure if it is just a new fun thing to do or if it has something to do with his teething.  Either way, he has done it a lot. 

For those of you who have not heard, all of our Hiper Paiz stores are now called Wal-Mart.  It is just a refreshing sight to see!  We did visit one to buy a few supplies.  We did not notice much difference at all.  Considering the fact that it takes us around nine hours to get to Guatemala City, it will not be somewhere we will get to visit often but will give us something else to look forward to on our trips in. 

We enjoyed lunch one day at the Nais Aquarium at Oakland Mall.  It was our second time to go there and we really enjoyed it.  I have been eager to take Cruz so he could see all of the fish.  We are pretty sure we heard him say fish after we pointed and said it to him several times.  That was fun. 
The restaurant is round and has a very large aquarium in the middle of it.  All of the tables are situated around it and most all have great views of the fish.
 In the middle of the aquarium is an area you can crawl in to and see the fish up close.  I took Cruz inside.

I tried to get a family photo of us but neither turned out good- here are my two attempts- 

You can't tell it by my face but I was holding him with all my strength.  He was trying hard to get down.
Oh the joys of having a one-year old!  haha

In addition to doctors and dentist visits, we checked on the status of our permanent residence visa cards while here as well.  David received his card.  YAH!  They said mine was not ready and for me to come back in a few weeks.  Unless something comes up we do not have plans to return to Guatemala City until the fall so I will have to check on mine again then.   Oh well, at least half of ours is complete. 

The best part of our week has been our meals.  We have eaten some good food!  Below is a photo of several of us who met for dinner at TGI Friday's Friday night.  We Guatemala Baptist missionaries sure love that place!
Cruz, me, Gary, Lilly, Janet, Daniel, Caleb, Will, Lindsey, Bethani, Jessica, Karen, Jeff, and David

We've had a great week.  Our mission meeting starts today.  We are looking forward to another great week ahead.


  1. I love the pic of you and him in the tube thingy lol!!! super cute moment!

  2. Ha ha. This kind of confirms all the thoughts about Hiper Paiz and Wal-Mart merchandise being similar doesn't it? Reagan.


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