Tuesday, May 17, 2011

K'ekchi' Baptist Women

Last Thursday I attended an all day meeting to celebrate the K'ekchi' Baptist women.  It took place at the study center in Sayaxche'.  The church was packed with several hundred women from churches and missions all over the Peten department of Guatemala.  In addition to the women, there were several men leaders and pastors there as well to show their support and it seemed as though each lady brought at least one child each, haha.  It.was.full and loud.  There was a morning session, and afternoon session, and an evening session. With the exception of an hour lunch break and an hour supper break, I was there for twelve long hot hours. 

They invited the President of the Guatemala WMU from the Guatemala National Convention, Sandra, to come up from Guatemala City and do their Bible Study sessions.  She did a great job. 

I loved spending the day with the ladies, getting to know them more, and the churches they represent.  The work among the K'ekchi' Baptist women is very strong and we are proud of all they do and accomplish!

Here are a few photos from the day-
Every group picks a song and a scripture that they study for the year.  At the meeting they each had a time to share, sing their song, and recite their scripture.  Many of the groups wore matching blouses.  It looked pretty.

This is the group from Rosa Jamaica.  Their pastor, Bro. Martin, played the instrument for them.

 I love the colorful dress of the K'ekchi' ladies.

These next few were taken during one of the break times- 


I love this one of two pastors during break time.  This is how we were all feeling.  haha

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