Thursday, May 19, 2011

Do You Hear What I Hear

Cruz loves to stand at our screen doors and look outside.  When we won't take him out I guess this is his next best thing.  We have a lot of animals that run loose around here.  If he hears any little sound he will go as fast as he can to the door to look out.  He's like having a little security guard, haha.  When the neighbor kids come to visit they will usually stand at our gate and say "buenas" (their short version for good afternoon)  and when he hears that he really goes nuts.  He knows that means a lot of stimulation is on the way.  I took a few photos of him playing at the door earlier this week watching some pigs root around out in our yard.  We don't normally have pigs running around but lately we have had two.  I am not sure if our landlord bought them or if they just wandered over here on their own.  For whatever reason, Cruz likes to watch them.

This is him making his lion/ bear sound.  He growls all the time and makes this face.  It is too funny!

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