Wednesday, March 9, 2011

9 Month Check-Up

Cruz had his 9 month check-up this morning.  Here is a photo of him before we left for his appointment.
he seems pretty happy about going to see Dr. Asturias

They began by checking his length.  He is 29 inches long.

Next was his weight- he weighs 21 pounds 14 ounces

Mama and Cruz

Daddy and Cruz

Dr. Asturias checking him out
Cruz wanting to check Dr. Asturias out, haha

them having a fun discussion about who's in charge :-)

Cruz with Dr. Asturias, he's such a sweet man!

this is Cruz's "Mama, please don't let them give me a shot" face

It didn't work.  He got one vaccine.

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  1. Poor baby! He's getting to be such a big boy! And that must be such a good doctor. He looks like he loves his patients.


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