Sunday, January 9, 2011

Radio Recordings

On Friday David helped do another recording for the "Institute of the Air".  We are beginning our fourth year to help with this project.  This recording was held in the village of Jordan.  In the past we always held them at our place in Coban.  Where we are living now is too noisy to do a recording so we decided to do it in the village of one of the K'ekchi' brothers.  (Let me just quickly explain that all of the male K'ekchi' believers are called "brothers".  In Spanish we call them all hermanos.  All of the women are called "sisters", hermanas.)  So when I write something like "K'ekchi' brothers" you will know it is just cultural.  Anyway, they met on Friday and recorded twelve stories on the life of Jesus.  David is now editing those stories and will burn them to CD's soon and get them out to five different radio stations to begin airing.  Please pray God's anointing on this series of stories and for wisdom in deciding what and when to record next. 
The brothers that work on these projects with David-
Abilino, Adilio, Victoriano, and Manuel

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