Friday, January 7, 2011

Fun Foto Friday w/ videos

One of my favorite moments these days is walking into Cruz's room and seeing this sight-
him peeking over his bumper and looking for me to come get him.  He gets so excited when he hears us coming.  Just recently he started pulling up and peeking out.  It is a cute sight!
If he is sitting in his crib he can now pull himself up and hold on to the rail.  We will soon be lowering his mattress!

His new obsession these days is looking in mirrors.  He LOVES to see himself and others in the mirror.  
Here are a few videos of him in his crib.  I realized I haven't yet posted pictures of his nursery (or the other rooms in our house since getting settled in).  I will try to get on that in the next week or so.

In other news, he now has two teeth coming in- 
It's not his top middle teeth but the two beside them.  We were expecting his bottom teeth to come in first, and were watching those gums more closely.  But, after a LONG week of little sleep or rest this is what we got.  We are just glad to see any white in that mouth- top, bottom, side, or back.  ;-)


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