Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day Trip to Las Casas

Yesterday we made a day trip to Fray de Las Casas.  We needed to visit the radio station there and also confirm and promote some leadership training dates our supervisor has planned in February.  We were QUITE surprised when we passed over the bridge in Raxruha and saw that the road was paved.  Normally the road turns in to gravel there and is gravel for most all of that part of the Country.  They have been working on part of the road since before we arrived in Guatemala but never seemed to be making much progress.  It has been almost a year and a half since we were in this area and they have really come a long way with it.  It is about 90% finished.  It didn't even seem like we were in the same place.  The paved road totally changed everything about the area.  It seemed way more developed than the narrow little gravel road we used to travel on.  I just had to take some photos for all the former Kekchi missionaries and volunteer teams who have worked in this area to see. 
this is just on the other side of Raxruha

there were still a few areas where they were still working
We love the fact that we can now say, "we remember when the road to... wasn't paved".  We hear that a lot from the older missionaries and now we feel like "older missionaries" because we've been here long enough to see some advancement and progress ourselves.  It's exciting to us!

When we arrived in town we went to our favorite eating place there for lunch.   
Cruz and David clowning around as usual

I took this photo for Jim and Mrs. Jane.  They know how much I LOVE the french fries at this place. 

I had packed Cruz a serving of carrots and a serving of applesauce for his lunch in a cooler.  It had not had time to thaw and the restaurant did not have a microwave so I had to sit it in the sun on the hood of our car to thaw so he could eat.  I took this photo after we ate as a reminder of moments these. 

Something I am loving these days are these disposable bibs.  We had a package of them in our crate and they have been wonderful to use while we are traveling!

After eating we headed over to Radio K'ekchi'.  We spent some time talking with the people there.  Some of the ones that live next to the station had a blast playing with Cruz.  They pretty much took him from us when we arrived and played with him the whole time.  I stayed at a distance at first to let them enjoy themselves.  I took these next few photos of them and Cruz. 
Most people here don't have regular cameras but have camera phones (always funny to see).  They were all getting their phones out and taking photos of Cruz. 
At one point one of them went inside the house and got a small chair to sit him in and they just took photos of him.  I am glad he is used to that, haha.   
This little girl just wanted to touch, hold, and play with him the whole time.  She would cry when her mama took him away.  Her mama asked me to leave him as a toy for her daughter.  

such a natural

There are days when I am terribly sad when I think of our families being so far away from Cruz and missing out on the joy he brings.  But, then there are days like today when my eyes fill with tears as I see just how much joy he brings to the locals here.  It is a sacrifice but one I am sure the Lord is going to use to open doors to those needing to know him.   
Once inside the radio station I just had to take a few photos of Cruz behind the desk.  He was going nuts to touch everything.  The worker announced on air that we were there and told about Cruz's visit. 
David and Cruz outside of Radio K'ekchi'.  I will probably treasure this photo one day. 

We also made a stop by Fidelia's house.  We were anxious for her to meet Cruz.  Her son, Wendall (named after Wendall Parker) was also there with his wife and daughter.  We had a great visit with all of them.
I looked back and found this photo of Fedelia back in April of 2009 with her then 40 day old granddaughter.  She has grown a lot since we took this photo.

I'll end this long post with a final picture of more progress in the Las Casas area.  They now have a Dispensa there!  Imagine that- a paved road and a grocery store in Las Casas!


  1. This post had me smiling the entire time! You can't help but smile when you see Cruz's precious smile...but to see all the joy he brings to the locals just warms my heart. Not only that, but, boy does he get some lovin' from them :) So precious!

  2. Great road pictures. A report like yours on road conditions helps those of us who like to tour the back country. Does the pavement go through to CA13?


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