Sunday, December 12, 2010

Market Day

Since moving to Sayaxche we have made several trips back to Coban to pick up things we had stored there.  Every trip has been on a Saturday so far.  We told ourselves that we didn't want to make the trip on Saturday morning anymore because almost every town you pass through is having market day on the streets.  Last week we planned a trip to Coban but got delayed because we were waiting on the internet guy to come install our line.  He didn't finish until late Friday afternoon.  So, that meant we were leaving for Coban on Saturday morning!  We passed through three LARGE markets on the trip.  I mean shoulder to shoulder, people were thick as mud. Vendors on both sides of the roads selling everything imaginable.  Children running around playing, animals tied up to be sold, smoke from all the outdoor grills, and trash everywhere.  It is fun to watch as we pass by but is a drivers nightmare.  I usually roll down the window and get Cruz out of his seat to look around.  We are traveling about 2 mph so he is safe, haha.  This particular day I decided to take a few photos instead.  I didn't roll down my window because I was trying to be discrete so the photos are not very good.  Here are some I took-
The first market we passed in Canlech.  It took over ten minutes to get through here.  We are just entering in this photo.

I have always loved the pretty clothing on the Kekchi ladies.  For those of you back home who have seen our presentation, these are those skirts with ALL THAT FABRIC!  :-)
You can not see from this photo but they were selling meat here.  You can see the scale in the photo.  It always grosses me out to see the meat hanging.  I don't think I will ever get used to that.

fresh fruits and veggies

this man was in the back of a truck that was in front of us

These people were in a car that passed us going the other direction.  I snapped this quick photo of this baby's diaper.  It was a blanket pinned on him.  I wondered what it would be like when he "had to go".  It made me VERY thankful for the shelf full of disposable diapers we have at home for Cruz.

I always tell David I feel like I am at the Guatemalan version of the Canton Flea Market when we pass through these markets, haha.  They sell everything! 
These two photos were taken as we passed through Chisec 

Our third big market was at Cubilhuitz 
Kekchi blouses

backpacks are very popular here with the men

that is a baby in that bag.

pots for making Caldo

Having to pass through these markets adds a lot of extra time to our already long trip.  After this day we definitely said that we'll never plan to make it again on Saturday morning!

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