Sunday, October 10, 2010

Where's The Baby???

We've had a fun time visiting with everyone, and I think they've had a good time with us.  BUT, all they really want to know is "where's the baby"???  ha  Here's a few photos of his recent visitors.
Uncle Roger held him and rocked him for a while. 

Sawyer and Cruz 
my two favorite boys!

Several of us went to the fish house for dinner one night.  It was delicious! 
We had fish and shrimp.  (They weren't serving oysters either)  ugh! 

Nickey and Cruz

Aunt Pat stopped by to play for a minute 

We took my Mom to lunch at Stark's on Friday.

We visited Ms. Ellen at the nursing home.  She crocheted Cruz a blanket when he was born.

Beck and Cruz
Libby, Beck, and Cruz

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