Saturday, October 2, 2010

Welcoming the Kent's

Thursday night several members of our mission family gathered at the Fricke's house to welcome our newest members, the Kent's.  They arrived back in August to work with the Thomas family among the Pokomchi.  They are a great family and we look forward to getting to know them better. 
The Kent's- Meagan, Julie, Justin, and Max

Cruz got to spend some time with the other MK's- 
Caleb, Cruz, and Zach

Bethany and an unhappy Cruz

getting entertained by the big kids

We had a WONDERFUL potluck meal.  It rivaled any we have had in the States.  As we say back home "we pigged out". 

Penny and Gini

Jerry, Sara, and Larry

Larry, Carol, Glynis, Nancy, and Debbie

Judy, Penny, Jeff, Glynis, David, Julie, and Max

We always enjoy our time together.  We are blessed with such a great group of people to work with and have for fellowship, support, and encouragment.

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