Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cruz's Five Month Check-Up

On Thursday while in Guatemala City we had an appointment to get Cruz another vaccine.
David and Cruz in the waiting room

Cruz and I outside of the office
We have been very pleased with this group of doctors

On this particular visit he didn't see a doctor, but was just there to get a shot.  They did his measurements which is always the highlight of his visit for us just to see how much he's grown.
Measuring his head

Measuring his length
He is 26.25 inches long

Measuring his weight (our favorite)
He now weighs 19 pounds!!!

I had to add this photo from his first check-up.  He was 12 days old.  Now his feet hang off of the end of the scale.  He has grown soo much in the past 5 months!  Look at those bird legs.  ha
He is definitely a chunk now!
This is his "Mama please don't let them stick me with that needle" face.

getting ready for his shot
He did the best he's done yet.  He only cried out for the moment when she stuck him and then within seconds he was laughing and smiling again.  We couldn't believe how well he did.  The nurse even said he took it very well.
This is not the best photo but it's a picture of his bandaid.  It has Snoopy on it which I thought was very cute.  The only thing was it's not a Snoopy bandaid.  It's a regular bandaid with a Snoopy sticker on it.  ha ha

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