Friday, September 17, 2010

Fun Foto Friday

love, love, love that sweet giggle!

Notice the spit up/ drool on his shirt.  I have to keep bibs on him these days and they stay soo wet.  We think he might be teething already because he drools really bad and is constantly chewing on his hands or anything else he can get in his mouth.

Cruz with our dentist, Dennise. 
She has two petite girls so getting to love on our fat baby boy made her very happy!

We are currently back in Coban.  Boy, does it feel like home.  To us there's no other place quite like Coban!  One thing we were looking forward to when we returned was buying tortillas's from the neighbors.  David walked over and bought us 10 for 2 Quetzales.  That's about .25 cents.  We used them to make THESE for dinner.
our fresh corn tortillas

After eating we walked to the restaurant next door and bought a piece of dessert to bring home and share.  We chose this chocolate and strawberry cream pie.  It cost 20 Quetzales or $2.50.  It cost more than our dinner, lol, but it was delicious!
Happy Friday!

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  1. Girl...Everything you gave me that day is in our house. I have each piece on the wall. I'll have to blog about it one day. I will save it for you if I change anything...ha Oh my... Cruz is so beautiful!!! He is so sweet looking!!! I know you are both on cloud 9... I hope that we can get down to see you soon. I really want to come, and now that JD has a new job as "Pastor Oster" we may get to. I love the "Pastor Oster" part. I will not let him live it down. He LOVES preaching!!! Being pastor is so different than music minister. WOW!!! I hope you are all well, and hope you find a house soon. Love you bunches...Misty


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