Monday, September 6, 2010

Busy Days

These next two photos were taken Friday afternoon on the road to Antigua.  It had started raining Thursday afternoon and continued, at times hard, until early Saturday morning.  We knew the road conditions were not going to be good for our trip up north.
The mountain was literally falling down around us.  We drove through and were able to return home.  I am not sure how soon after this that the road had to be closed.   

We loaded up the car on Saturday morning with a good bit of our things to take to Coban.  We had just enough room left for us to sit.  Our rent runs out on the 15th and we will then move our final things out and go north for good.

Cruz when I told him we were headed to Coban.

We soon found out that the road from Antigua to Guatemala City was closed .  We should have expected it, but didn't.  We had to take the long way around through Chimaltenango.  We encountered a wreck going that direction and were delayed but not long.  As we traveled on towards Coban, we came upon this- 
more landslides. 
We were stopped for a solid 40 minutes while some locals cleared the road enough for one lane to pass.    

The traffic was backed up a good ways.

We finally made it to Coban and it only took us 7 hours.  We were fortunate it wasn't longer!  We were all tired of being in the car.
One of the first things we were happy to see was Precioso.  We love that dog!  It was Cruz's first time to be around a dog.  He wasn't sure what to think.

Miss Fran and the Parker's were there to greet us.  Miss Fran was very happy to see Cruz again.

Miss Fran and Phyllis with Cruz

Sergio (our former helper and language tutor) and Cruz
He was tickled to hold him! 

Saturday night for dinner we had invited everyone to meet us next door at Casa de Acuna to eat and fellowship.  It was great to see everyone and have everyone together.
 Miss Fran, David, me, Cruz, James, Delrae, Phyllis, Galen, Mrs.Jane, and Mr. Wendall

 Cruz and David laying on the couch Sunday morning

Our family before heading to church.  It was Cruz's first time to go to K'ekchi' church.

David and Cruz walking to church.

This moment brought tears to my eyes.  David was giving his greetings to everyone, updating them on where we have been, where we are going, and also sharing with them about our new precious gift- Cruz David.  He did all of this in K'ekchi'.  We have not spoken nor heard K'ekchi' in almost a year now so I was very proud of him for trying to speak to them in their heart language even though I know it was difficult.  As soon as he began to speak, the congregation errupted in applause.  They were proud of him as well.  We feel so loved and welcomed by the K'ekchi' people and it is a great blessing to be back among them!
A few of the many that came by after the service to see and hold Cruz.  They all loved him! (we knew they would)

After church we went to one of our favorite local restaurants for lunch.  It was VERY hot in church!  Poor Cruz probably sweated off an ounce or two, ha.  I chose to eat at this place because they have outdoor seating on the back deck and it is always so breezy and has a pretty view.  It was refreshing.
We came home and took a much needed nap and then spent the rest of the afternoon visiting with the Parker's.  Today we head three more hours north to Sayaxche' to begin looking for rental property.  We are anxious to get there and see what might be available.  Keep us in your prayers!


  1. I love Sergio's shirt:) and all Cruz's smiles you are catching!

  2. Glad y'all made it safely. Been hearing about all the mud slides on the news here. Started to call and then saw your post and knew you made it OK. Hope house hunting goes good and fast for you. Reagan.

  3. So happy ya'll are ok!!! Praying for you guys!!

  4. Cruz is such a happy little thing. I am so glad God blessed you with a HAPPY baby. He is a HAM... Tell David Mama Oster said hey! Kiss Cruz for me. I hope I get to see him before he graduates...ha!

  5. I loved reading this post (of course I love reading all of your posts, but this one was just so touching!) And OH MY STARS-- what horrible road conditions!! I'll think twice now before complaining about having to wait for 10 minutes while the folks are paving the road on the way to my house. :/ So glad y'all made it to your destination okay. I'll be praying that you find a suitable house quickly!


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