Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Celebrating and Saying Goodbye

We celebrated David's actual birthday by having dinner with friends in Guatemala City.  We had made plans to meet our supervisor and his wife that night forgetting that it was David's birthday.  It worked out well that we could celebrate it with them.
Cruz definitely made this birthday extra special! 

Cruz with Mrs. Carol
We were glad for them to get to spend a little time with him.

I told the wait staff that it was David's birthday so they would sing to him. I have always made sure he had a birthday cake (even though he always tells me he doesn't want one). This year I wasn't able to make one because I didn't have a pan in our apartment for baking. I was bummed about it, but very happy to learn that the restaurant sang and served dessert for birthday's. I'll make it up to him next year because I have lots of great kitchen items in our crate. Here is a little video of the singing-

and here is a photo of him with his birthday dessert

We were glad to get to spend a little time with the McGriff's.  They are returning to the States today for a while to help take care of Carol's aging parents.  Please keep them in your prayers as this is a difficult time for their family. 
Jim, Carol, me, Cruz, and David

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