Thursday, August 26, 2010

3 Month Update

Cruz turns 3 months old today!
What is he up to lately?
*  He now weighs 16 lbs. and 12 ozs.  He gained 3 pounds this past month and has officially doubled his birth weight!  He is our little chunky monkey! He has not rolled over yet but we joke that when he does, because he is so round, he's just going to keep rolling and rolling.  ha
*  He is 24.75" long
*  His eyes are still a blue/ grey color and his hair is a mix of light brown/ red.  It is just starting to fall out a lot.
*  He is definitely a morning person.  He wakes up and just smiles and coos until we pick him up.  Soo sweet!
*  He is still nursing exclusively and we are both enjoying it.
*  He is sleeping through the night.  He goes to bed before 8:30 p.m. and normally sleeps until around 5:00/ 5:30 a.m.  The exception has been this week when he hit a growth spurt and has been waking up around 4:00.  The longest he has slept so far has been 6:15 a.m.
* He has two angel kisses on the back of his head- one on his head and one on his neck.  He also has one on his forehead but it is not as noticeable.  It appears that the angels liked kissing him as much as we do.  I have forgotten to mention this on his previous updates.
*  He is still sleeping in his pack 'n play at night, but won't sleep in it during the day.  I read just yesterday where the weight limit for the bassinet part is 15 pounds, oops!  We might need to be removing that soon.  I noticed that it is starting to sag in the middle.  We hope that by his next update we will have him a nursery and he will be sleeping in his crib. 
* He is wearing size 2 diapers
* He has been wearing 3-6 month clothes for the last several weeks now.  A lot of them are getting snug already. 
* He still loves his activity mat and bouncy seat. 

*  As you can see from the looks on his face he is a very happy baby!  He smiles and laughs often and loves talking and interacting with us.  He is almost too easy to care for, but maybe it's because we enjoy it so much.
*  He travels well.  Right now we can take him anywhere and he just hangs out and enjoys himself.  He is pretty much content in all situations.  (that is a great blessing!)
*  He is trying to sit up.  He wants to be able to see what is going on around him.  He is very curious and loves looking around at everything.
*  He still loves bath time.
*  He loves to be rocked and we LOVE to rock him.
*  He likes to be read to.  Right now I am reading the Bible to him in Spanish- more for my language practice than anything-, but he likes it.  He will smile and even laugh a few times.  I say he is making fun of my pronunciation. 
*  He likes to stare at the t.v.  I am not too happy about that but I know he gets it honest from his daddy.  When I am at language school in the afternoons he and his daddy like to rock and watch t.v. together. 
*  He likes blowing raspberries
*  He likes music and it makes him smile.  He also likes to laugh at us dancing to the music. 
*  He gibbers and babbles all day long.  It is a sweet sound to our ears!
*  He does this little sigh during his sleep and we lay in our bed laughing.  It is our favorite sound and I wish I could get it recorded.
*  He makes a knocking movement with his fist when he wakes up and sometimes when he is feeding.  He has done it since birth and for some reason I love it!
*  He keeps his fists and toes crimped tight.  He doesn't like you to bother either of them.  He will ball his fist up real tight if you mess with his hands.  It makes it hard to cut his nails and at bath time. 
*  He still gets the hiccups often
*  He keeps his hands and fingers in his mouth.  He sucks on them all day.  If his hands are not in his mouth, he puts whatever he can get his hands on and puts it in there (clothes, bibs, blankets).  He still takes a paci sometimes but only during the day.
He is the joy of our lives!   We treasure everyday with him.  We can't imagine loving him any more than we do right now.  We are tickled to be his parents and honored to be considered Mom and Dad! 

Happy 3 month Birthday Baby Boy! 
Your Mami and Papi love you so very much!

Here are his "looking back" pictures.  Wow, he's changed soo much!


  1. Really?? 3 months?! Goodness time is flying! Chunky monkey is what we call Addison...but I think Cruz has her beat! He is so precious. And he has changed so much in 3 months. I know he is such a blessing to y'all. Enjoy all those kisses and snuggles. Before long he will be on the move!

    Oh, I LOVE the numbered onesies! Where did you find those?

  2. He is a HAM!!! Looking GOOD!!! Hope you are all doing well. Miss you!!!

  3. No way he is three months old already!! It's so sad how fast they grow!


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