Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Family Visitor's for Cruz

We are currently hosting David's mom, sister, and niece.  They are having a great time getting to know Cruz and spoiling him.
Larsen, Robin, and Ms. Linda

 Larsen and Robin

Ms. Linda and Cruz 

 Our little family

 David, me, Cruz, and Larsen

 Mama and baby

 Cruz and Aunt Robin

 Larsen, Robin, and Cruz

 Shopping in Antigua

 Ms. Linda, Larsen, Cruz, and I

 Memaw and Cruz


 Memaw and Cruz

Larsen and Robin

 Memaw and Cruz

dinner in Antigua
(more photos from their visit in another post)

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  1. Im so glad your families have been able to come visit. I know you are glad to share Cruz with them. He is already getting so big and even more alert. So sweet!!! We miss you!!!


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