Monday, June 28, 2010

Ministry Update

Last week our work team hosted a conference in Coban for the national K'ekchi' missionaries.  David and I were not able to attend because we are in language school (and 5 hours away) but I wanted to send out the update from the conference that our supervisor sent to us.  We miss working with these great men and look forward to finishing school and getting back to walking the trails with them.
Here are some highlights of the conference:
There was joyful worship and singing as 15 of the total 17 Kekchi Baptist Missionaries attended the conference. They represent several large geographic regions and rarely see each other for times of fellowship. We observed a sweet Spirit of unity and love as they talked and laughed together.

They did an in depth study of Joshua 7 concerning Achan's sin and its devastation to God's peple and His mission for them. They made some wonderful applications and agreed that sin must be dealt with and erradicated before they could have God's Power to share the Good News and see their friends saved.

Wendall and Jane presented the "Evangecube" as a means of presenting Christ to individuals or small groups. To our surprise, it made a big hit with them, and they spontaneously began doing dramas depicting the use of the cube to share the Gospel in many different settings. Now we have to order 17 Evangecubes.....ha!

During 3 ample sessions of prayer, each missionary shared his heart for his family, his health and the new believers as well as lost people in his sector of service. Most of them told of serious health problems that hampered their service and lamentented having so many invitations to preach in unreached communities that health, time and funds did not allow them to respond to all. Some of the older missinaries said, "We are wearing out....and who will take our place?"....a sobering thought!

There may be as many as 900,000 Kekchi who have not yet heard the Good News in a way they can understand. Please pray for them and the lostness that still looms large in this people group.
Jim and The Kekchi Team

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