Saturday, June 12, 2010

Life Lately

On Thursday, I had my first check-up after having the baby.  The doctor thought I was healing fine and doing great!  I was excited to weigh and find out that I am only 3 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight!  I couldn't believe it.  There are advantages to having a big baby and nursing.  :-)    I go back in one month.

Cruz with my doctor

Also on Thursday, my mom flew in to visit with us and meet Cruz

She is having a great time with him!

I was excited this past week when our friends David and Glynis brought us a rocking chair to borrow for a few weeks.  I have missed being able to rock my baby and have been doing it now constantly.  We have a glider rocker but it is in our crate and we won't get it for a few more months. 
The chair they brought us is one they bought in Costa Rica.  It is very pretty and comfortable.

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  1. first off, congratulations on having the baby! cruz was smiling on that picture with grandma - so adorable!

    on going back to your pre-pregnancy weight, happy for you! breastfeeding really does wonders, doesnt it?

    from SITS :)


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