Saturday, June 26, 2010

1 Month Update

Cruz, you are one month old today!
by the look on your face it seems you are just as shocked as we are at how fast you are growing!  :-)

This past month has flown by, and almost seems like one long blur.  It has been the most fun we've had in a long time.  We are loving being your mom and dad and taking care of you.  You are such a sweet baby and we LOVE having you in our lives!

*  you LOVE to eat!  you are a great nurser and want to eat all the time
you weighed 8 lbs. 5 ozs. at your 12 day check-up and we are almost certain you are over 9 lbs. now
you make all sorts of noises.  We say you are like an old man the way you moan, grunt, and clear your throat.  We laugh often listening to you.
you are just starting to like your bath time, but not getting your hair washed.  You poop EVERY night on the tub sponge and on your towel.  We love how you smell right after your bath!
*  you are outgrowing your newborn clothes and wearing more 0-3 month sizes.  This is making me sad!
*  just this week we moved you up to a size 1 diaper.  Mostly because we ran out of newborn ones and instead of buying more we moved you up.  This made me sad as well.
you have had many outings lately.  You visited the zoo in Guatemala City and have been to several eating places.  So far you've been to McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, Dominos, Pizza Hut, Fridas (Mexican), Las Palmas (International), Tre Fretelli's (Italian), Vino y Queso (Italian), and TGI Friday's (American).
*  you love to be outdoors and your dad loves to take you. 
you like to be carried in your sling
*  you sleep pretty good.  We try to give you a bath around 7, then feed you, and put you down between 8- 8:30.  You will "usually" go for 6 hours between feedings and then go another 3-4 hours.  The exception to this was week 3 when you hit a growth spurt and you nursed A LOT.  I was glad when you passed it!  During the day you go no longer than three hours between feedings and you nap well.  We love to sit and watch you sleep.  You make the funniest faces and it makes us smile.
you recently had both of your grandmothers come to visit you as well as your aunt and cousin.  They all loved you and you enjoyed them as well.
*  you have gas OFTEN.  I feel bad when you scream with a tummy ache.  I am trying to watch what I eat and avoid things that I know hurt you. 
*  you have a love/ hate relationship with your paci.  If you are full and content or sleepy, you will take it, othewise you scream at the thought of us putting it in your mouth.  We have tried several different kinds but the only one you will take is the Soothie.
you LOVE to be rocked and we love to rock you!
*  you get the hiccups several times a day and this makes you very mad.

*  you are very alert and look around at everything. 
you are very snuggly and we love to hold you.  You are going to be (or already are) very spoiled. 

You are a precious gift and we love you beyond measure.  We have treasured each day so far and look forward to an adventurous life ahead with you.  We love this infant stage and will be sad to see it pass.  You are a joy and we are honored to be your mom and dad!
(enough with the mushy stuff he says)

And here you were a month ago:


  1. Regina, your picture since Cruz were born are amazing. New camera??? They look great! Or, maybe it is just the subject? :-)

  2. He has changed a good bit in four weeks. He is beautiful, and I love the first picture of him! It made me SMILE... Happy ONE Month!!!

  3. God bless him!! Can believe he is one month, wow.

  4. The first picture is too funny! Love it! Can't believe it has been a month already!

  5. The changes always make us sad too, but it's a good thing. Enjoy every phase because they don't last long. But everyone is a blessing. Love y'all.


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