Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Week 32

Everything seems to be going well.  The baby should be around 4 pounds by this week.  He still moves around a lot. The Guatemalans say he is dancing and that he has much rythym  (because he will be born here).   They are enjoying me being pregnant and offer me lots of advice. 
I love this...

I am feeling fine.  The adjustment has been fairly easy.  I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow (Thursday) at 3:00.  I am excited to be seeing my Guatemalan doctor again.  I will try to post about the visit soon.

I am walking more since being here and that has been good.  The only problem is if you have ever been to Antigua you know the roads and sidewalks are bumpy and can be hard to walk on when not pregnant, so it has been a challenge for me.  I am going slow and taking it easy.  Pray for no falls!

I am exposing the baby to lots of good Guatemalan food.  So far this week I have eaten tamales, tortillas, black beans, Caldo and lots of avocados.  I am also eating a lot of fresh fruits.  I crave strawberry sundaes and anything orange flavored to drink. 

We are getting more excited with each passing week and can't believe that our baby is almost here.  Keep praying for us!  We appreciate it!

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  1. I know you're not kidding about those sidewalks! Yes, please be careful!

    Hoping all goes well at the doctor's appointment, too! :)


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