Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Week 31

By this week he should weight between 3.5 and 4 pounds.  He is starting to get heavy.  When he's awake, he moves a lot.  I am starting to see my whole belly shake when he moves.  I can now sit across the room from David and he can watch my stomach move when the baby kicks.  It is a weird but awesome sight!  He seems to have the hiccups a lot as well.  He is constantly under my ribs which is not very pleasant, but I do my best to make him move. 

Still feeling pretty good.  I have not hit that miserable state yet that many talk about, although I know it's coming.  I am still enjoying the pregnancy and have no complaints even at this stage.  I still feel good, eat good, and have finally slept good for the last few nights.  That has been a great blessing for me considering the weeks of little sleep I have been having!  I love feeling the baby move around and just want to hold or rub my belly all the time.  I am soo excited to be at 31 weeks and although I can't wait to meet our baby in person, I am going to miss having him in my belly.  It's been an awesome experience!  I just hope he will be content to stay there for several more weeks. 

Please keep praying for the pregnancy.   Pray he'll go full term, for a smooth and quick vaginal delivery, for little or no complications for either of us, and for our adjustment to life with a baby.


  1. I loved feeling my tummy and I loved others feeling my tummy as well. It feels like you are holding and hugging them from outside. It is great that you are having such a good uneventful pregnancy. I pray it will stay that way and that the labor and delivery will be just as uneventful as your pregnancy has been so far. What hospital are you having him at?

  2. Good luck! Sending positive vibes your way...SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did!

    The Wind in the Willows


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