Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ramblings From the Past Week

I can't believe it's almost been a week since we returned.  The time has passed fast.  We have not been up to much lately.  We've been taking it easy, resting, and getting settled back in.  Over the weekend we went out to eat with the Miller's and also with Gary Stone.  We made it to TGI Friday's which made me very happy.  I love their BBQ ribs.  

We were suppossed to begin Spanish language study on Monday in Antigua, Guatemala.  We planned to commute this week because of Holy Week.  We got up extra early and drove to the school only to find out that they were not ready for us to begin morning classes.  They said to come back next Monday.  We were a little bummed, but only because of the effort we had made to get there, ha.  So, we'll try again in a week.  We still were able to visit with everyone there though.  It feels like a family reunion every time we return because we spent so much time there in the past.  We also try to stop by for a visit whenever we are in town.  They had no idea I was pregnant and boy were they thrilled!!!  I have loved the reaction of the locals when they see we are having a baby and we tell them that he will be born here.  That makes them smile soo big.  Everyone at the school wanted to touch my stomach.  It was funny.  They just oohed and ahhed at us and were so very proud.  As I expected, a few already was giving me some advice.  One lady said that when I have a strong craving and I can't get the food I want to put some salt on my tongue and that would lessen the craving.  I've not tried it yet.  I can only imagine some of the things they will tell me to do.   We spent the rest of the morning visiting friends around town and ate a late breakfast at Dona Louisa- another favorite place of ours.

Today we will be traveling to Coban to pick up a few things out of our storage for school- notebooks, backpacks, dictionaries, flash cards, etc.  We plan to return to the City tomorrow.  Please pray for our travels there. 
(I have not taken any photos since returning!  I will try my best to do better)

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  1. May I invite the two of you to be even MORE careful now as you travel from The City to Coban? I would have never known how dangerous riding in a vehicle was in Guatemala until I was with you last Summer! Now we're also concerned for Cruz's safety as well. As the seargent said at the end of every squad meeting on Hill Street Blues: YALL BE CAREFUL OUT THERE! Seeing your smiling faces, reading your postings, everything about you brings tears of joy to my eyes! I'm SO grateful to God for the three of you and will be until the Lord takes me home. I'm secretly hoping that Cruz's arrival will be safe for Miss Regina and Cruz, that his arrival will be an extra source of strength for yall's ministry, and that I might get to come by to Guatemala in Fall, 2010. :-)


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