Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sweet 16

I am 16 weeks today!  The baby should now weigh about 3.9 ounces and measure about 4.7 inches in length from crown to rump. The baby can hold his or her head erect, and the development of facial muscles allows for a variety of expressions, such as squinting and frowning.  The baby's nails are well formed.  The baby is emptying his or her bladder every 40-45 minutes. The limb movements are becoming more coordinated, and the legs are now longer than the arms. 

As the baby grows, so is my uterus and placenta.  Six weeks ago, my uterus weighed about 5 ounces.  Today it should weigh about 8.75 ounces.  I recently purchased a tummy sleeve and love it!  It has helped me be able to wear some of my old pants a little longer.  I have had people tell me this week that I am looking pregnant.  That made me smile!  I have always wanted to be pregnant and never lost hope that one day I would be!  God's timing is always best!  I have been more sick this week than in all the other weeks combined but have felt better this week than most other weeks.  Now that sounds crazy, huh.  Although I hate to get sick, it makes me happy because I know it is a sign of a healthy pregnancy.  I think I have felt some flutters this week and that has been exciting!  If you have not voted on our boy/ girl poll yet, be sure and do that.  We are leaving it up for another week.  Can't wait to make the big announcement!  We just hope that our June Bug will be still long enough for us to be able to tell.  Keep us in your prayers.  We appreciate it!

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