Friday, December 18, 2009

Our Week in a Nutshell

As many of you already know we left on Tuesday flying to Virginia to meet/ interview with the mission board about our return to the mission field.  We took very few photos while there so most of this post will just be words. 

We had a connection flight through Atlanta so we contacted our friend Tabb who works for Delta a few days early about possibly visiting with him during our layover.  We met up with him and not only enjoyed visiting but a late breakfast as well.  Tabb's family has worked with us a few times while we were in Guatemala.  We also visited with them last October on our vacation back to the States.

Regina, David, and Tabb

Our week was filled with meetings, interviews, and information sessions.  We were put into small groups and this was ours- 

We met some wonderful new people and enjoyed being around others that feel the same call as we do. 

I am sure that most of you are only wanting to know the outcome of the week instead of the daily details so as best we can say, this is the answer we have-

Our file will still have to be presented to the Trustees in February.  At that time they will get the final vote as to whether or not to send us back, but we feel very confident that we will pass their vote.  We really can't put into words the joy and excitement we are feeling knowing that we will get to serve the Lord again on the field.  We will be writing more about it from time to time as we get updates but just wanted to let everyone know our status.  Thanks to those of you who have prayed us through this process.  Keep praying!  We appreciate it more than you know! 

Side note- we are scheduled to fly home on Saturday morning.  There is a major snow storm predicted for this area and we really need to get home to officiate and participate in a wedding tomorrow afternoon.  Please pray that we will not get delayed by the weather!

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