Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 2009 Newsletter

Greetings from Mississippi! We have been home over a month now and are getting settled back in well. We are enjoying our time here but have to admit that it can be a little overwhelming at times especially this time of year. We have spent the past month visiting mostly with family but also with several friends. We have visited several churches this month and have enjoyed going and just being in the service like everyone else. We are enjoying eating out and have had some delicious foods!!! I am almost 14 weeks pregnant now and as far as we know all is going well with the pregnancy. My next appointment is Tuesday, Dec. 8.

December looks to be a busy month for us. We have a trip to Louisiana planned to visit a few churches. We will be spending a week in Richmond, VA meeting with the mission board about our future service with them. We will be participating in a wedding for two of our former youth ministry students. There are also several musicals, plays, and parades we are wanting to attend while we are home this Christmas season.

We hope that each of you have a wonderful holiday with your friends and families. We plan to enjoy ours this year being home. Please remember to give to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering this year. This offering is what helped send us and many others to the mission field. Until next time...

Sending our love,
David and Regina
Your Missionaries to Guatemala

1) David got to baptize two young adults in November
2) our growing baby
3) getting to spending time with family

1) that we would stay healthy and safe this month as we travel
2) for the pregnancy- next appointment, Dec. 8
3) our trip to Virginia to meet with the mission board- Dec. 15- 19
4) that we would have a great Christmas holiday

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