Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Weekend of Pray & Encouragment

This past weekend we went out visiting/encouraging with K'ekchi' missionary Bro. Miguel Chub in the Lanquin/ Cahabon area. In two days we visited and prayed in 9 villages and prayed for 6 more that we did not have time to travel to. It was a great trip and I took tons of photos. So, I will be posting about it in several smaller posts over the next few days.

We left Lanquin early on Sunday morning and first traveled to the village of El Carmen. There is one family of believers that lives in this village. They have 9 kids! This is a photo of their house where we prayed and had a Bible study. This is some of the family
The mother with five of her children
Jim gave a devotion on Zacchaeus. This photo is of Mrs. Jane teaching the kids the song about him
I love this next photo. Right before I took it, the mother came over and put the little girls arm around David. She was embarrased but it was cute!
When we left there we drove on to the village of Pinares
This is a photo of some of the believers there. They are continuing to meet in a home and have Bible study together
We had a service with them that we all took part in. Mrs. Jane read scripture, Mr. Wendall prayed, Carol led a hymn, David & I led a chorus, and Jim brought the message.
Our third stop was at Chi Poc. We had intended to be there in time for their morning service but it was noon before we got there. They waited on us and we started the service then. I am glad they are patient!! This is a photo of their mission church
After the service we all had a meal together
In this next photo I am holding little Regina. I first met her a few months ago. She is the daughter of a K'ekchi' pastor in this area and she is named after me! I think that is sweet! I was very excited to know she was there. Her mom is in the blue with her hand over her mouth and one of her sisters is sitting in the middle. Regina & Regina

We left there and drove to the village of Se' Mil. This village recently had 5 new believers. We prayed there with our last team. This is a photo of a few of them (& Bro. Miguel)
This is a photo of how we all felt at this point, ha. When David entered their house he just fell out on one of the beds. We laughed at him.
I'll post about our last stop of the day tomorrw.

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