Monday, September 21, 2009

Two Parties in One Week

This past week we celebrated two birthdays. Our first celebration was for our helper, Sergio. He turned 21.
David & Sergio
We gave him a party at our apartment. I baked some cakes for us all to enjoy.
We sang "Happy Birthday" to him in English and had a time of prayer for him. He also proudly wore his Mississippi shirt we brought him back from our trip to the States last fall. Blowing out his candle
Group photo- Jim, Carol, David, Sergio, Jane, & Regina

Our second celebration of the week was for Mr. Wendall. He just turned a year older too. Several of us joined him to celebrate at the La Posada restaurant in Coban.

Galen, Phyllis, Carol, Jim, Wendall, Jane, David, & Regina Here are a few photos I took of Mr. Wendall & Mrs. Jane
Aren't they precious!

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  1. They are all so very precious!!



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