Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Praying, Planning & Our Morning Surprise!

We were overnight in the town of Rio Hondo attending a planning meeting for an Indigenous Summit that will be held next April. This will be a meeting of Indigenous peoples from all over Central America. It will be the third year to have this meeting. We were wanting to talk about ways to get the K'ekchi' more involved in the meeting as well as presenting the idea of cross cultural missions to them in hopes of one day having a K'ekchi' missionary in another part of Guatemala or the world. Please begin praying for this upcoming meeting and all the planning that goes into it.
Our crew: Jim, Ron, David, Wendall, Keith, Regina, Carol, Jane, & Margie
We stayed at the Atlantico Hotel. This was some of us having lunch.
Jane & Carol
This hotel had a beautiful pool but we did not have time to swim.
In addition to our meeting and planning, we also had a wonderful time of fellowship. We each shared prayer requests and prayed for each other during our time of praise and worship. It was very sweet and uplifting!
This morning as we were packing up, I lifted our dirty clothes off of the floor and this is what was underneath!!! a scorpion- YIKES!!
Not a very welcoming sight first thing in the morning. Or anytime as far as I am concerned!! ha This was the second scorpion we have seen in the last week. The photo below was taken last week outside of our door as we returned from dinner one night while at the lake.
We just retuned to Coban and are now unpacking, repacking, eating lunch, and getting ready to head out again to the town of Las Casas. It will be a 3 hour drive. We will be meeting with some K'ekchi' leaders in the morning (Thursday) and doing a disaster relief project for some families that were recently burned out of their homes. We will most likely return to Coban on Friday. Please be in prayer for us over the next few days- for our travel and that the relief project goes well. We'll post an update and photos once we return.


  1. iiiiiEEEEE! Scorpions! Note to Self: Don't forget your RAID on the next trip to Coban! :-)

  2. The very best of luck and my thoughts are with you. Stopped by from Sits. x

  3. Oh my goodness! You have your work cut out for you, busy! One of the houses I lived in in the North Ga. mountains ALWAYS had scorpions creaping around...whew!!!!

  4. Hi Regina,

    My name is Tonja Owens, and I recieved info about your blog from Shirley Hammond. Actually she was giving the info to someone else and I just took it and ran with it! :) I have never been to Guatemala myself, but my parents have very strong ties there. They know Jane and Wendall, and Jim and Carol. My Mom lives with Jesus now, but my Pop is Clyde Townsend, and my Mom was Eloise. They loved visiting and helping when they could. I have not heard much about Shirley and Jeanette's recent trip, but I am sure I will.

    It is nice to meet you and I pray God's blessings on you and your husband and the work you are doing.

    I will check in on you again,



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