Wednesday, July 29, 2009

They're Back!!!

Tuesday was a great day for us as we were in the city to meet the McGriff's when they returned to Guatemala. Jim is our immediate supervisor. They have been on Stateside Assignment since last July. We were very happy to see them and welcome them back home.

This next photo turned out real dark but I thought it was cute so I edited it and posted it anyway. This is Jim & Carol arriving at the airport. We loaded them up and then went to eat lunch together. We spent the afternoon at the mission house catching up and talking.

That night we went to eat dinner at Nais. Jim had taken us there on our first night in Guatemala when we arrived.

David, Regina, Carol, & Jim We had a great meal and then spent a good bit more time that night talking and sharing stories. We are very happy to have them back! They have been such great influences and mentors to us! We look forward to spending the next few months working with them again before our term ends.


  1. Thanks for sharing about my "loved ones". Glad you all have had time to visit!!

  2. Stopping by from SITS...

    Isn't it wonderful getting to spend time with people you love and just think the world of? I hope you all have a great time together!

  3. Came over from SITS.

    It looks like you guys live an exciting life! I love missionaries... My husband and I both served missions for our church.

    Have a great day!

  4. I know you are glad the McGriffs are back. Please give them our love. Alan and Melodie


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