Monday, July 6, 2009

How We Spent Our Holiday

We celebrated the 4th of July on the 3rd of July. We went to a local park, Hun Nal Ye, along with our friends James & Delrae. It was a first time visit for all of us. This was a very nice area and we will most definitely want to return there again!

We arrived late-morning. This was the lobby/ restaurant area.

They offered many things to do such as swim, hike, ride 4-wheelers, tube, ride horses, & a zip-line. We really just wanted to cook-out and relax.

These are the rooms they offer if you want to stay overnight. They were nice. They all overlook the pond & pool.
They had a small Mayan museum that we toured as well. After looking around we unloaded our things under this pavillion. It was a nice place to grill our hamburgers, eat our meal, and relax in the hammocks.James lighting the grill.
Enjoying our 4th of July meal together.
After lunch and a little resting we loaded up in this vehicle and went for a ride.
We've decided that we would like one of these to haul our teams around in. It was a lot of fun!!
At the end of the trail we got out and went for a hike to see the waterfall and cave. The water along the way was beautiful!!! We crossed three bridges along the trail.
The third bridge was a swinging bridge that the waterfall flowed under.
The waterfall
We also hiked to this cave. The water there was absolutely gorgeous!! We saw this little guy on the road.
This is a video of the waterfall. We were standing on the swinging bridge and the water was flowing under us.

It was a fun & relaxing way to spend our holiday. We had a great time! Hope you all did as well.


  1. Thanks for posting those pictures and giving me a relaxing moment.

    I guess you heard about Fran being in the hospital. . . Praying for her.

    Love, Phyllis

  2. Absolutely LOVE these shots! What a wonderful way to spend the 4th, even though it was on the 3rd. Stopping by from SITS...have a lovely day!

  3. Absolutely beautiful!! Of course my boys loved the bridge...reminds them of the one at Rock City.


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