Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tikal Ruins

One of the things the Bartley's wanted to do was to visit the ruins at Tikal. It was their first trip and our third. The temperature up that way was near 100 everyday!!! It was the hottest we have been in quite some time. Despite the heat, we had a great time walking through the park and seeing the sites.

David, Regina, Glenna, & Keith
On our last two visits we hired a guide. This time we decided to to it solo. This is David and I looking over the map and trying to come up with a plan for seeing everything.

Views from on top of Temple IV

This is another ruin we climbed. It might not look it from this photo, but it was straight up! David, Keith, & Regina We had a great time but I must admit, out of all the things we had seen that day, the following sign was my favorite sight!!! That and the cold bottle of water that was waiting for me in the car. :-)

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