Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Places to Go, People to See- Update (Saturday)

(We have covered A LOT of ground since leaving on Saturday. Therefore, I am going to blog about our weekend trip in several different posts.)

We left mid-day on Saturday. Our first stop was at our local McDonald's for lunch. We wanted a good meal before we left, ha. We filled up our bellies with grease, filled our truck with gas, filled our cooler with ice, and then headed out. You pass several towns on the way to Las Casas. The biggest of those being Chisec and Raxruha. Raxruha means blue/green water. There is a place outside of town where you cross a bridge. We always love the view there.
You can see just how pretty the water is.
We slept at the Las Casas Mission House that is owned by the IMB. As we have posted before, it's just an empty house that in the past has been used as a missionary residence. There is NOTHING in it! We take cots, bedding, and all that is necessary to live while there. There is no a/c, not hot water, no appliances, nothing.
We were invited on this trip by a local pastor, Bro. Juan (John). He is currently the pastor at La Balsa. He wanted us to meet him at 5:00 on Saturday at the radio station (Radio K'ekchi') there in Las Casas. We were greeted by several locals when we arrived and quickly learned that they wanted us to give greetings over the radio to everyone. I was not excited about doing that!!!
Inside Radio K'ekchi'
David giving greetings. Bro. Juan in the background Me giving my greetings
After visiting there, we went to visit a lady who has become our friend. We were introduced to her by Wendall & Jane Parker. She used to be their helper when they lived in Las Casas. Her name is Fidelia. Everytime we are in the area, we try to stop by and visit her. When we arrived at her house, she was excited to introduce us to her new granddaughter. She was 40 days old.
Fidelia & her grandchild
mother & daughter
We then stopped at a local internet cafe to check our mail. Internet places are popping up all over Guatemala. That makes us happy!
Some friends of ours had told us about a hotel & restaurant in town that we should try. We have a team working the Las Casas region coming up so we went to see the hotel. We also ate a few meals at the restaurant over the weekend. The restaurant is open and breezy. It was a nice place to eat and the food was really good.
We tried to get to bed as early as possible. We knew Sunday would be a long day, but we had no idea at the time just how LONG it would be!!!

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