Sunday, April 19, 2009

Finishing our Fun Friday

We arrived in Chisec mid-afternoon. One of the things we love about this hotel is their hammocks. We all took our turns during the weekend hanging out in one of them.
This hotel also has a nice pool and play area. Jody enjoyed himself there very much.
We made a few prayer visits at some K'ekchi' churches before going to the village where we showed the film. Our first stop was here in Se' T'zi. They have a new pastor who has only been there 4 months. It was good to be able to pray for him and his wife and to encourage them in their new work.
Our second stop was in Se' Cacao. We also prayed with the pastor and his family there.
Our final stop was at San Antonio Las Cuevas. This was the village we targeted to show the movie that night. There have only been believers living there for a few months. They had been meeting in a home and had recently just began constructing a church building. They were working on it when we arrived.
As we were inside of the building looking around, this thing crawled out from under some wood. Yikes!!!This is the outside area where we set up the equipment to show the movie. We showed "The Hope".
These are the benches they made for everyone to sit on.
K'ekchi' missionary, Bro. Federico, giving greetings to the people there.
David giving his greetingsDavid introducing our group
Jody about to give his greetings
Some of the crowd

We were well received there and the people were very receptive to the gospel. We hope to return once their building is complete and have a worship service with them.

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