Tuesday, April 21, 2009

All that goes well, ends well

Monday morning started with breakfast at our place. We invited Miss Fran to join us and visit with the team.
After breakfast our goal was to pack up the car and head towards the city. Most everything was packed and Glynn was checking something in his bag. David didn't realize it and he started our diesel vehicle. Well, Glynn's leg was right next to the exhaust pipe. It blew black smoke all over his leg and shoe. Now this might not be funny to any of you but it had us cracking up all day!!!
We then took time to let him change and Rock took charge of scrubbing and washing out his pants. He did a great job and I think his wife needs to let him wash clothes more often, ha!
After getting cleaned up we drove into Guatemala City. We stopped for lunch at Taco Bell, dropped off our things at the mission house, and then drove on to Antigua. We spent a few hours there shopping in the market.
We ate dinner at Nais in Guatemala City. It was delicious!
We dropped them off at 5:00 am this morning to fly back to the States. We were sad to see this team go. We really had a great time with them. They were such a blessing to us and we will look forward to working with all of them again sometime soon.
Team Photo
We will be leaving mid-day today driving down to the Pacific coast. We will be there a few days celebrating (early) our 13th anniversary. We will post updates from that once we return home on Friday.

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  1. Out of all of these great photos, I cannot believe that "Super Cola" didn't show up even in one of them.



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