Sunday, January 18, 2009

K'ekchi' Graduates

During the convention last week there was a time to recognize and present diplomas to the recent graduates of the Instituto Biblical Bautista K'ekchi'- the K'ekchi' Baptist Bible Institute. There were 15 who graduated. Please pray for these men as some will begin and some will continue to be Pastors among the K'ekchi' people. There were also around 35 who received certificates for their studies. It was an exciting time to honor and recognize these men. Here are a few photos we took-

Here are some photos of the swearing in of the new leaders for the next year. Samuel ended an 18 year run as President of the Association and a new leader took his place this year.

The new leadership for the Coban Association are:

President: German Contreas

Vice President: Florentine Reinos

Secretary: Antonio Caal

Please pray for these men as well as they take on leadership roles among the K'ekchi'.

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  1. May God bless each of these men in their walk with the Lord! Ms. Shirley


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