Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Convention Update

The convention has been really good this week (although we have not understood a great deal of it, ha). David has been going to the men's meetings and I have been with the WMU ladies during the day. We have had nightly worship services all week.

Everyone has welcomed us so well and made us feel a part of them. It has been a very encouraging time for us this week. Our calendar continues to fill up with church visits and outings with the missionary brothers. Our next few months are going to be spent in the road a good bit.

One of my favorite hymns is "Great is Thy Faithfulness". That is the same hymn that the women chose as their study song. During each session, we sang it, MANY TIMES. Since they are oral learners, we did it like their memory verses, we repeated it over, and over, and over....... Even I should be able to sing it from memory in K'ekchi' now. HA I videoed the women singing the chorus today. It is not a good picture video, I only did it for the sound. I didn't want the ladies to see me recording because they would get bashful. So ignore the image but enjoy the song. Here are the words in K'ekchi':

Mas nim la cuusilal,

Mas nim la cuusilal,

Cuulaj Cuulaj nakac'ul karabal.

Nacaq'ue chak laat li c'a'ru cuan ke.

La cuusilal mas nim, at inYucua'.

It's been a busy but good first half of the week. We will be driving into Guatemala City tomorrow (Thursday). Please pray for our travels on the road.

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  1. I love 'Great Is They Faithfulness' Love that song :)


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