Monday, December 8, 2008

Sunday Follow- Up Visit

Sunday we made a return visit to the village of Se' Seb. It was David and I along with K'ekchi' missionary Bro. Miguel Chub. We held a medical clinic there back in August and needed to follow-up. It had been raining so the path we had to hike on was quite muddy.
David & Bro. Miguel
We visited with the family of believers and had a time of service in their house. We each took turns giving words of greetings and encouragement. We all also took turns leading in song. David and I led a few in K'ekchi' and then sang a few in English. There were no instruments so you can only imagine what we sounded like :(. Bro. Miguel gave the message and we had a time of prayer for them.
After the service we hung out and visited while they cooked our lunch. They served us spaghetti noodles that had cooked tomatoes and onions mixed in it, tortillas, and coffee. It was really good. Most K'ekchi' do not use utensils when eating, so the funny thing was trying to eat spaghetti noodles by scooping them up with a tortilla. We were struggling! ha They thought it was very funny watching us try to eat it and finally ended up bringing us both a spoon. That made all the difference.
We had asked them to make us some bags. They had them ready with our names on them and the name of the village- Se' Seb. Mine and David's were pink and black and Mrs. Jane's was blue and black. I think they made a mistake. Also, many will pronounce the letter V like the letter B. So, they spelled David- DABID. But we didn't care, they were nice & pretty!
Maria, Nancy, Regina & Rosalinda
Jose', David, & Bro. Miguel
Nancy & Regina
More views from the hike. It was cloudy, but still the views were amazing!

It was a great day!

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  1. Dabid, I know you are loving that PINK bag!!Ha!
    That trail makes me homesick for the Kekchi people. Love to you both. Ms. Shirley


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